Here's How It Works

Denture Relief Clinics will conduct a 60 minute clinic where we'll typically show a 30 minute video (served with some Costco type snacks) that educate seniors with dentures, partials or missing teeth about the many new options that are now available to them.  We will then have a local denture relief specialist on hand to answer any questions that weren't covered in the video and to offer a complimentary consultation to those who feel they need it.

76 Million Baby Boomers in the U.S.

So many seniors suffer needlessly with frustrations associated with dentures, partials or missing teeth because they don't know about the revolutionary advancements in dentistry that have occurred over the last few years.  Help us spread the word and give these seniors something to truly smile about!

Don’t Take My Word For It

" Our Denture Relief Center has added more than $40k per month to our practice revenue, I'm a big believer!"

Dr. Neil Woods, Severna Park MD

"We had 24 people attend our first Denture Relief Clinic, we got 3 new patients immediately that amounted to almost $50k in revenue!"

Dr. Balaji Swaminath, Toronto ON 

"We just did our first Denture Relief Clinic, we had 28 attendees and have gotten 4 new patients and over $30k in revenue the first 30 days!"

Xhelo Shuaipaj, D.D.S. Downers Grove, IL

If you feel like you're the type of doctor we're looking for, request our info and we'll be in touch!

Thank you,

Denture Relief Centers